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Now in our fourth decade, Lelands is the the premier appraiser and authenticator in the entire sports memorabilia hobby. With our vast experience and deep knowledge base, Lelands more accurately evaluates the pieces and collections that are brought to us.

We understand that selling needs vary, so after evaluation, if you choose to sell, we provide options and recommend the best way to meet your objectives. Based on your situation, we may recommend a purchase or consignment. In the event of consignment, cash advances may be available.

About Your Appraisal

Prompt, Easy, and Non-Binding

Lelands is continually seeking individual items and collections for our premier auctions. Our in-house authentication and appraisal services means that we can provide sellers with a value range quickly and accurately. A Lelands expert will review your piece(s) and promptly get back to you – usually within 3 to 5 business days.

Your appraisal is non-binding, so you nor Lelands is under any obligation. Rest assured, your information will remain confidential.

Your Appraisal Submission

Simply Fill Out This Form to Submit Your Piece(s) or Collection for Appraisal. We highly recommend adding a picture to improve speed and accuracy!

Important Note: Lelands' appraisals are for potential auction material only, and not for insurance or estate planning purposes, nor for items that do not meet our minimum requirements. The appraisal you will receive is a statement of opinion and is not proof of authenticity, a guaranteed offer to purchase, or a guarantee of selling price. Formal written appraisals are not offered as a free service.

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