Old Bridge's Josh Evans has Jim Brown's championship ring ... and he's selling it. Period.

When Josh Evans was 9 years old, his parents would take him to a local flea market, where he brought books, marbles and comics.

Evans had a knack for finding the best stuff, even at a young age, and people took notice.

"He would sit in the back of the car, reading comic books. People would come look at his stuff and would want to buy his marbles or his comic books, and I would go to the back of the car and say, 'Joshua, there is someone who wants to buy your stuff'," Evans' mother Maxine Evans, 79, recalled. "And then you see a grown man in his 30's, 40's or 50's negotiating with this 9-year-old kid. It was hysterically funny, and he would do well because he was very smart."

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