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Lelands is the original sports memorabilia auction house and the most respected in the “hobby.” Now in our 4th decade, Lelands possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge unsurpassed by any other firm.

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Lelands sports memorabilia knowledge is unrivaled. Partners Josh Evans and Michael Heffner have a combined 80 years collecting, authenticating and auctioning memorabilia valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Serious collectors count on the Lelands team of sports memorabilia and card experts for their vast experience, deep knowledge, and well-developed instincts for fast and accurate authentication and appraisal.

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The Lelands Invitational™

The greatest and most exclusive sports memorabilia event in the hobby. This much anticipated event is scheduled to coincide with The National and is reserved for the greatest collections from sports history.

July and August 2019

The Lelands Classic™

The most celebrated semi-annual auction in the industry. These milestone events feature an impressive array of the some of the most important sports cards, memorabilia, and non-sports cards available in any auction.

Next Classic Opens December 2018

The Lelands Monthly™

Our hobby-friendly auction features sports memorabilia and vintage cards from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, as well as NCAA basketball, boxing, the Olympics, and thoroughbred racing.

Closes 2nd Sunday of Every Month

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Lelands Invitational Auction ...

The 2018 Lelands Invitational will feature Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson’s 1971 NBA Championship Ring, a 1960s Johnny Unitas Game-Worn Colts Jersey and Guy Lafleur’s 1976-77 Hart Trophy, and much more.

The Lelands Legends

Joshua Evans and Michael Heffner have a combined 80 years of experience in sports collectibles. Coming from an era where there were no graders or authenticators, Josh and Heff crafted, by necessity, a deep knowledge...

Record-Setting 1907 Cobb Rook...

Tucked in with some far less notable issues in the collection of a long-time hobbyist, a 1907 Ty Cobb Wolverine News rookie card sold for a record price of $15,352 in the Monthly Auction Sunday night.