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Exceptional Ruth/Wagner Signed Baseball Hidden in Grandma's Drawer for 60 Years Heads to Auction

In the mid-1990s, a grandson was visiting his grandmother in San Pedro, California. At the time he was playing in an adult baseball league, which prompted her to tell him, "I have something for you."... view more

Newly Uncovered Ruth-Gehrig Signed Photo Heads to Auction

Three years ago, Heritage Auctions commanded a whopping $390,000 for a 1927 Type 1 Ruth/Gehrig with an autograph graded a 9 which was shot by an unidentified photographer. The dimensions were 8×10″, with light edge and corner wear. The Lelands exemplar measures 4×5", remains in Excellent to Mint condition, and displays a stamp on the reverse reading "D8." Heritage's photo shows baseball's best one-two punch ever in pinstripes. The image shot by Hull has Yankees emblazoned across their chests.... view more

27 Years After Famed Boston Garden Auction, Bruins Banner Back on the Block

On September 27, 1996, Rick Poulin’s heart was racing a mile a minute. He was sitting on a cement floor in the center of the gutted Boston Garden on what once was the Bruins’ hockey rink and Celtics’ basketball court. Lelands, the first sports auction house, was holding the first auction ever of the relics from a sports arena or stadium from its demolition. ... view more

Lelands Offers Extraordinary CDV Find Showing Baseball’s Beginnings

Twenty-five years ago, an avid antique collector was making her rounds in the Southeast hunting for items that caught her fancy such as old books, pot-tery, and old photo albums. ... view more

Proven to Perform: Sports Memorabilia & Vintage Cards

Modern cards have had an impressive run over the last few years. Today, there is increased concern about volatility and devaluation in this sector of the market. Risk assets - like growth stocks, meme stocks, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies - are experiencing similar fluctuations and loss of value in the current environment.... view more

More Classic Auctions. Even More Marketing.

Lelands is sporting a new, faster-paced auction schedule but unlike other auction houses, will continue to promote with a 'look book' and print advertising. ... view more

Joshua Evans

Lelands Founder and Sports Memorabilia Legend Joshua Leland Evans Passes Away at Age 59.... view more

Lelands Acquires Brown Brothers and its Legendary Photo Archive

Mattawan, NJ, October 15, 2020: Lelands, among the most respected auction houses in sports cards and memorabilia, announces the acquisition of Brown Brothers and its photography archive, recognized as the most comprehensive American stock photo library covering events of the 20th century.... view more

Keeping the Bar Set High

Canadian Hockey and Non-Sports Historian talks about his recent visit with Lelands team at one of the best shows in North America. ... view more

Buffalo, NY: Come for the Wings, Stay for the Sports

Lelands’ chief football expert Carl Lamendola and Founding Partner & Chairman Josh Evans recently visited the sports hotbed of Buffalo, NY, where they had the pleasure of visiting one of the nicest stores they've seen in years. ... view more