Proven to Perform: Sports Memorabilia & Vintage Cards

Proven to Perform: Sports Memorabilia & Vintage Cards

Volatility in Modern Cards Market

Modern cards have had an impressive run over the last few years. Today, there is increased concern about volatility and devaluation in this sector of the market. Risk assets - like growth stocks, meme stocks, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies - are experiencing similar fluctuations and loss of value in the current environment.

Since the start of this amazing run up in value of modern cards, we have hypothesized that investments in this category will be subject to the same investment risk as the other assets noted above, and we are seeing the beginning of that playing out right now.

We still believe that modern cards are an excellent long-term investment, but we think it may be awhile before "flipping" cards will be a good financial strategy again.

Memorabilia and Vintage Holding Firm

As you probably know, Lelands has been a major participant in modern card auctions, with many lots fetching world record prices. But throughout this run up in modern cards, we have not taken our eye off our favorite two categories - sports memorabilia and vintage cards.

These sectors of the market are holding their own in this environment. We believe that this decoupling of value from modern cards is due to the type of buyer in these markets. Sports memorabilia and vintage card buyers tend to be collectors who "love the stuff" rather than see their purchases as a "flipping" opportunity.

Our data from decades of auctions reveal that these two collector-focused areas of the hobby are also excellent long-term investments, characterized by steady returns with much less volatility. Our experts believe that the double bottom line of 1) the enjoyment that comes from collecting, and 2) the steady increases in memorabilia and vintage value, are a combination that should be highly attractive to the sports collector.

The Leaders in Memorabilia and Vintage

While auction houses may come and go, or expand and contract, Lelands has been a constant in the hobby. Our business is built upon the solid foundation of a passion for owning history in the sports we follow.

We collect because we respect the stuff, we buy and sell because we are fascinated by the historical impact of the pieces, and we have become the hobby's foremost experts because we are immersed in the joy of collecting, not the transactional nature of the sale.

We invite you to call upon us to evaluate your sports memorabilia and cards. Similarly, our next Classic Auction is coming very soon, with plenty of memorabilia, vintage, and modern cards for you to bid on!

Our relationships with our clients is the most rewarding part of our job, and if you choose to work with us, we trust you will see that we value personal relationships, will provide you with expert insights, and share our deep understanding of what is happening in the hobby marketplace.

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