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The Originals

The First Sports Memorabilia and Card Auction House in the World

Established in 1985, Lelands is the first sports auction house and the premier appraisers and authenticators in the entire sports collectible hobby. Founder Joshua Leland Evans is a pioneer in the field and acknowledged by his peers as the most knowledgeable figure in sports memorabilia. Lelands has handled many of the largest landmark auctions, including The Mickey Mantle Auction of the Greer Johnson Collection ($1.3M), The Harry M. Stevens Auction ($1.8M), and the famed Boston Garden Auction ($2M total sales). Now in it’s fourth decade, Lelands has been involved in the sales of hundreds of millions of dollars of the most important sports memorabilia and cards in the world.

Hobby Legends

Partners Joshua Evans and Michael Heffner

Founder Joshua Evans and partner Michael Heffner’s love for the hobby and unrivaled longevity and success finding the most important and desired sports pieces, has kept Lelands at the pinnacle of the sports memorabilia and vintage cards hobby. Their unparalleled instincts for value and authenticity, their impeccable taste, and a keen sense for change in this constantly evolving market, have made them hobby legends.

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History Image

Collectors Depend on Lelands

The Most Trusted and Respected Sports Auction House in the World

Joshua Evans and Michael Heffner have a combined 80 years of experience in sports collectibles. Coming from an era where there were no graders or authenticators, Josh and Heff crafted, by necessity, a deep knowledge of sports collectables that is unequaled today. The reverence they have earned, along with their experience appraising pieces valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has made Lelands the most respected, trusted, and cutting-edge sports collectable auction house in the world.

Our Auctions

The Most Important Auctions in the Hobby

Lelands is the auction house of choice for discerning collectors who want to own the most important pieces in the hobby.

For four decades, Lelands has been the leader in trading card and sports memorabilia auctions. No other auction house in the world has the decades of experience and knowledge of Lelands - providing valuable benefits to clients like you.

Consigning to one of our auctions is a smart decision confirmed by the fact that the best collectors in the world rely on Lelands. If you are considering consigning your important pieces and collections to an auction, you can rest assured that Lelands is the best choice - providing expert appraisal, unearthing hidden value and exposing your treasured collectible to the best clients in the hobby.

You may choose to consign to one of our world-class auctions, be considered for outright purchase of your items, or even be eligible for a cash advance. Just contact us and we will find the path that is right for you.

When you choose - choose the best - choose Lelands.

Buy with Confidence

The Trusted Name in Sports Memorabilia Since 1985

We work with our clients to understand their interests and provide expert guidance to fulfill their requirements. As the most informed team in all of sports memorabilia and card collecting, we know the current market, what pieces are available, and their current and potential future value range. Trust is more than just our word and reputation. It is the most important value of our firm. We ensure that any piece purchased through Lelands is authentic, because we will refund for any item that is not.

Meeting the Needs of Sellers

We Value and Market Better than Any Other Firm

With our vast experience and informed view, Lelands more precisely values, and more effectively markets, the vintage sports pieces that are brought to our attention. Our in-house authentication and appraisal services means that we can provide sellers with a value range quickly and accurately. We use secondary authentication services to validate our findings. We understand that selling needs vary, so we provide options and suggest the best avenue to meet selling objectives.