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1910 E79 Philadelphia Caramel SGC Graded Complete Set #1 Set Registry

1910 E79 Philadelphia Caramel SGC Graded Complete Set #1 Set Registry

E79 "27 Scrappers" is one of the most widely collected boxing caramel card sets. The "Scrappers" reference is to the number of subjects, not cards. The 27-series back lists 19 different names and states that there are 8 other subjects. In actuality, the 27 subjects are spread over 21 cards. Since E79 is a mainstream set, the thing that separates a great set from a mundane one is condition, and this set is chock full of top-condition cards. 19 of the 21 cards in the set are ex-mt or better, reflecting the many years the consignor took to assemble it. Currently #1 on the SGC set registry, you simply will not find a better set. The set breaks down as follows:SGC 84 Al Kaufman & Mike Sullivan; Gans and Nelson. Ready for the Attack; Johnson and Burns. Sparring For An Opening; Bob Fitzsimmons; James Jeffries Famous Crouch; Joe Jeannette Left Guard For Head; Mike (Twin) Sullivan. Straight Left To Face; Rawlins. Delivering Right Hand Swing; Sam Langford In Fighting Shape; Stanley Ketchell; Tommy Burns. Principal Fighting AttitudeSGC 80 Arm and Clinched Fist. 'Right way'; Arm and Clinched Fist. 'Wrong way'; Jack Johnson & George Cole. Blocking Swing And Sending Uppercut To Chin; Johnny Marto And Battling Nelson. Lead To Head; Abe Attell In Position To Deliver Right; Jack O'Brien and Fighting Partner; Marvin Hart. Left Hand Jab To Face; Sharkey. Receiving Right To BodySGC 70 Young Corbett. Ready To LeadSGC 60 Jack Johnson (HOR)

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