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1910 T225 "Prizefighter Series" 101 & 102 (36) PSA/SGC

1910 T225 "Prizefighter Series" 101 & 102 (36) PSA/SGC

The T225 set is a devilishly complex issue of 50 subjects. Card backs carry advertising for two series of 25 cards each, series 101 and series 102, with no overlapping subjects. The backs also advertise for a full framed set available for a dollar; the framed set may in fact be a reference to an advertising poster. What sets the T225 series 101 set apart and makes it such a challenge are the full bleed color borders and the different card backs in series 101. As is the case with modern full bleed cards, the slightest wear shows on the series 101 borders. All graded collection features:101 series includes: Harry Lewis (Surbrug-SGC 7); Jack Sullivan (Surbrug-PSA 4); Jas. J. Jeffries (Khedival-SGC 4) and Dick Hyland (Surgrug-SGC 3).102 series includes: Patsy Kline (Khedivial PSA 5); Mickey Gannon (Khedivial SGC 5); Maurice Sayers (Khedivial PSA 4.5); Johnny Hogan (Khedivial PSA 4); Leo Houck (Khedivial PSA 4); Maurice Sayers (Khedivial SGC 4); Maurice Sayers (Khedivial SGC 4); Billy Allen (Khedivial SGC 4); Tommy Langdon (Khedivial SGC 4); Jack O‚Brien (Khediviak PSA 3); Joe Hirst (Khedivial SGC 3); Ty Cobb (Khedivial SGC 3); Harry Mansfield (Khedivial SGC 3); Spike Robson (Khedivial SGC 3); Young Nitchie (Khedivial SGC 3); Johnny Willetts (Khedivial SGC 3); Bill Donovan (Khedivial SGC 3); Freddy Corbett (Khedivial SGC 3); Leo Houck (Khedivial SGC 2.5); Tommy Langdon (Khedivial PSA 2); Kid Bebbe (Khedivial PSA 2); Young Loughrey (Khedivial PSA 2); Freddy Corbett (Khedivial PSA 2); Tommy O‚Toole (Khedivial PSA 2); Tommy Devlin (Khedivial PSA 2); Tommy O‚Keefe (Khedivial PSA 2); Young Ernie (Khedivial SGC 2); Mickey Gannon (Khedivial SGC 2); Spike Robson (Khedivial SGC 2); Harry Mansfield (Khedivial SGC 2); Bill Donovan (Khedivial SGC 2); Johnny Willetts (Khedivial SGC 1.5).

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