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1935 Full Roll of Popeye Tablecloths

1935 Full Roll of Popeye Tablecloths

Resist the urge to serve several cans of spinach on this huge roll of Popeye tableclothes from 1935. It's almost as big as Popeye's blowhard rival Bluto. Trimmed in blue and gold, the paper is decorated with cartoons featuring Popeye and the other characters. "I YAM WHAT I YAM AND I LOVES YER," Popeye says , looking at a picture of his gal Olive Oil. In another he coos, "BLOW ME DOWN IF IT ISN'T SWEETPEA" as he cradles the baby. Paper is delicate and yellowed on the edges though intact. You'll need Popeye's forearms to lift the roll, but for this vintage charmer, it'll be worth the weight. The breakdown value here is tremendous. There are scores if not hundreds of tablecloths that are each valued collectibles unto themselves. Each tablecloth maeasures 36x33.5" and is of a heavy paper stock that is supreme quality, almost like cloth. The roll is 36" in length and is 5.25" across. Great collector or dealer piece.

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