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1940's Radio Premium Collection

1940's Radio Premium Collection

Remember all those special offers from the Golden Age of Radio? Were you collecting box tops and proofs of purchase to get your secret decoder ring? Here is an extensive collection of premium items from old radio shows of the 1940's. Many great items from Captain Midnight, Tom Mix and more. Includes many "secret" rings, code books, a sheriff's badge, medals, ribbons and the rules and regulations of the "Straightshooters Club". A booklet containing photos of the entire cast of "The Tom Mix Radio Show" is included along with a 1945 guide to winning World War II battles and two booklets about football written by Fritz Crisler and other college coaches. 10 of these items include the original mailers with return addresses from Captain Midnight, The Ralston Straight Shooters and Tom Mix. EX+.

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