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1950 Topps R709-2 "Freedom‚s War" Complete Set w/Extras (301)

1950 Topps R709-2 "Freedom‚s War" Complete Set w/Extras (301)

1950 R709-2 Topps Freedom‚s War complete set of 203 with #1-96 in both grey and tan backs, #97-203 in tan backs with 15 grey backs, and (2) extra tank cards of #97 and 101 without die-cut. A total of 301 cards. The set is known for its depiction of war featuring planes, vehicles, tanks, persona in multi-color artwork and photography. Condition breakdown is 5% G, 10% G-VG, 25% VG, 50% VG-EX, and 10% EX. The tank cards grade #97 die cut G-VG, #97 G, #98 VG-EX, #99 VG, #100 EX, #101 die cut VG-EX, #101 G-VG, #102 VG, and #103 VG-EX. This offering is part of early hobbyist Preston Orem‚s personal collection.

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