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1950's Joe Palooka R427 Collection - Complete Set of 12, plus Two Duplicates Cards (SGC Graded)

1950's Joe Palooka R427 Collection - Complete Set of 12, plus Two Duplicates Cards (SGC Graded)

Artist and writer Ham Fisher created pugilistic hero Joe Palooka in 1930 and the Joe Palooka comic strip ran until 1984. The character was so popular that Hollywood even created a series of “B” movies. At its peak the comic strip was carried in 900 newspapers. In the 1950's, the Comics Novelty Candy Corporation in New York City issued a 12 card Joe Palooka set of actual boxers, plus a series of cards devoted to the comic strip characters. One card comprised the back panel of each box of candy and toys, and the card, set to be cut along perforations, featured a color drawing of the boxer, plus a brief biography. Burdick designated the cards as R427. Typical cards in this scarce series have blank backs but cards are occasionally found with an advertising back, which is considered rare. This Lot includes the complete set of a dozen boxers, plus there are two duplicates. One of the cards in this lot contains the rare advertising back. Set breakdown: 1) John L. Sullivan, held the Heavyweight Championship for 10 consecutive years (40,VG,3). 2) Jack Johnson, great African-American Heavyweight Champ (50, VG/EX, 4) 3) James J. Corbett, defeated John L. Sullivan in 1892 to take the Heavyweight Title (40, VG, 3) 4) Benny Leonard, great Lightweight Champ who retired undefeated in 1925 (40, VG, 3). 5) Jack McAuliffe (2) (20, FAIR, 1.5 - both). 6) Bob Fitzsimmons (20, FAIR, 1.5) 7) Jack Dempsy Nonpareil (20,FAIR, 1.5) 8) Jake Kilrain (20, FAIR, 1.5) 9)Battling Nelson (10, POOR, 1). 10) Stanley Ketchel (20,FAIR, 1.5) 11) Kid McCoy (10, Poor, 1). 12) Johnny Kilbane (2) (10, POOR, 1) and (Authentic, trimmed).

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