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1957 Topps Uncut Strips with Mickey Mantle and Many HOFers (appx 200)

1957 Topps Uncut Strips with Mickey Mantle and Many HOFers (appx 200)

Fabulous find of uncut strips of 1957 Topps cards. Total of about 200 uncut strips and sheets that are of varying sizes and conditions. Most sheets are from the 2nd series featuring cards from #89-176 (Mantle series!). Includes the following. 2-card strips: Mantle, Snider, Lemon (3), Larsen. 3-card strips: Red Sox team card (3), Spahn, Snider (3). 4-card strips: Mantle (6), Larsen (3), Minoso/Newcombe (3), Red Sox (4), Skowron/Boyer/Braves. 4-card sheets: Mantle, Larsen, Newcombe, Red Sox, Spahn/Larsen, Pirates/Braves/Yankees (2), Braves/Yankees/Boyer (3), Braves/Boyer, Minoso/Newcombe, Braves/Pirates/Yankees. 6-card sheets: Mantle, Mantle/Kaline (2), Snider (2), Minoso (7), Minoso/Newcombe (7), Klu (5), Gilliam (4), Newcombe, Boyer/Yankees (5), Skowron/Boyer, Larsen (2), Klu/Lemon (2), Spahn/Schoedienst, Red Sox, Boyer, Gilliam (2), Klu/Newcombe, Kaline (7), Newcombe/Minoso (2). 8-card sheets: Minoso/Newcombe (9), Boyer/Yankees (8), Larsen (6), Larsen/Gilliam, Red Sox (2), Kaline (7), Snider (2), Spahn (2), Gilliam (3), Klu, Boyer/Skowron, Spahn/Lemon, Snider/Lemon. 10-card sheet: Larsen. And many more not listed (mostly commons). There are also some damaged Mantles that are not listed. Condition is overall GD-VG. About a third of the sheets are out of focus (factory defect) and there is some water damage to about 25% of the sheets. Most of the cuts are fairly rough. All in all, an amazing collection with a great look to each and every one.

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