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1961 Roger Maris Asterisk Letter

1961 Roger Maris Asterisk Letter

One of the few surviving documents which gives us incite into one of the most important and controversial records in the history of baseball. Typed letter from the commissioner of baseball in regards to the asterisk he had placed on Roger Maris’ single-season homerun record of 61 homeruns. Frick has signed in blue pen at the bottom. In response to a sportswriter who questioned Frick’s “asterisk” of Maris’ achievement, Frick (being a close and personal friend of the Babe) defended his stance on the asterisk, but, as noted by the contents of this letter, adjusted the number of games in which the record was broken: “My dear Mr. Scheideman: The Ruth record is set at 154 games which constitutes a season’s schedule. Tie games or playoff games count in that schedule even though they mean additional games. The Yankees in 1927 played 154 games plus the playoff of one tie. This year the Yankees also have had one tie game. This means actually that records in 155 games are counted. Sincerely, Ford Frick”. A very telling response from the commissioner, who was a key factor in denying Maris his due in topping Ruth’s record. Typed on 8.5x11” Ford Frick Baseball letterhead. Dated September 18, 1961. Original mailing folds, but in fantastic, EX-MT condition. With original envelope stamped “Air Mail”.

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