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1973 Secretariat Race Worn Horseshoe with Amazing Provenance

1973 Secretariat Race Worn Horseshoe with Amazing Provenance

One of THE classic pieces of horse racing history is offered here - an actual racing shoe from this legendary thoroughbred icon. Acquired from Buck Peters, official photographer for Phillip Morris assigned to cover the 1973 Marlboro Cup at Belmont Park in New York, the shoe was sent to him as a gift from Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery. It even comes with original mailing label and shipped in the original "Victory Racing Plates" box which carries the precise "5 LT" size imprint. Most importantly, on the bottom of the box is written, "Secretariat Shoes 9/13/73" in the hand of Secretariat's exercise rider Jim Gaffney who participated in Secretariat being shod on many occasions. When the farrier removed the previously worn shoes, Gaffney would document the occasion, meticulously placing the worn shoes in the new shoes' empty box and dating it as shown. The date of 9/13/73 was just prior to Secretariat's record setting victory in the inaugural Marlboro Cup> The shoes were likely worn by Secretariat in his previous race, the Whitney Stakes nearly a month earlier in the stunning Onion upset. Peters undoubtedly took photos of Secretariat and met Penny Chenery during the promotion and lead-up to the Marlboro Cup and Ms. Chenery ultimately took it upon herself to gift him one of Big Red's coveted shoes. A very rare public offering as very few Secretariat race plates reside outside of the collections of museums or persons closely associated with the Meadow Stable team. The shoe still shows remnants of the original Belmont racetrack dirt caked in its crevices. Mr. Leonard Lusky, President of and representative for Ms. Chenery confirms the correspondence between Penny and Buck Peters and associated provenance of the shoe. Comes with detailed letter from Mr. Lusky attesting to authenticity.

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