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1986 “Platoon” Watch Worn by Charlie Sheen

1986 “Platoon” Watch Worn by Charlie Sheen

Standard military issue Timex watch was worn on the lapel of Charlie Sheen as Chris Taylor's, olive drab utility fatigue shirt. One of the key props in this cinematic classic, it hung from his collar and is visible in many scenes throughout the film. The watch is working and is still set on the time of the attack of the film's final scene. With original band, the watch still has the dirt and grime of the jungle of the Philippines acting as a stand in for Vietnam. We will assume it is working, but we will not change the time obviously as it is set forever to that stirring moment in time.As a watch collector himself, this was special to Mr. Sheen so he saved it ever since. This makes this the perfect addition for military, watch AND film collectors. Consigned directly by Charlie Sheen the piece will come with a letter of authenticity signed by him. Plus, shown here is a still from the film showing him wearing the watch on his lapel.Platoon is one of those unique Hollywood films that are as fresh today as it was when it was first released. Oliver Stone’s masterpiece brought Sheen to the forefront of the International public and stands for both men as perhaps their ultimate artistic statements.

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