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All-Time Greatest 1910 T218 Champions Complete Graded Set - #1 on PSA Registry (8.02 GPA)

All-Time Greatest 1910 T218 Champions Complete Graded Set - #1 on PSA Registry (8.02 GPA)

Perhaps the most widely collected T-type boxing cards are the T218 cards of Champion Athletes and Prizefighters, issued with various American Tobacco Company products. The overall set contains 153 cards of various athletes and psuedo-athletes, including 61 boxers and one boxing referee. T218 cards are beautiful examples of turn of the century lithography, among the nicest ever made. The boxing portion of the set is filled with members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, most notably the key cards from the set, Jack Johnson, with two different cards (PSA 8 and PSA 7), and Jim Jeffries, also with two cards (PSA 8).  Other keys include Abe Attell of Black Sox infamy (PSA 8), middleweight title holder Stanley Ketchel (PSA 8), and three HOF African-American fighters Joe Gans (PSA 7), Sam Langford (PSA 8) and Joe Jeannette (PSA 8); African-American subjects are almost unique to boxing in prewar cards.  Ethnic collectors also have several Jewish athletes to choose from besides Attell: Leach Cross (ne Louis Wallach), Harry Lewis, Willie Lewis, Harry Stone, Abe Goodman and track star Abel Kiviat.  Mecca is the most common brand of T218. Hassan is slightly more difficult to find than Mecca, say on a 55:45 ratio. Any card from the set in better than ex-mt condition must be considered rare, so this set is literally a giant condition rarity.  The set is the all-time highest graded on the PSA registry with an astounding (31) Pop 1's.  Here is a complete breakdown of the cards, per grade: PSA 9 (2), PSA 8.5 (1), PSA 8 (43), PSA 7.5 (3), PSA 7 (86), PSA 6.5 (1) and PSA 6 (17). Set rating of 8.023 with (111) Mecca and (42) Hassan backs. Patsy Brannigan (NM-MT 8), WM. Parke (NM-MT 8), Unk Russell (NM-MT 8), E.J. Sweeney (NM 7), Harry Jensen (NM 7), Johnny Summers (NM 7), Findlay Douglas (NM 7), H.J. Handy (NM 7), Walter Lee (NM 7),Melvin Sheppard (NM-MT 8), Thomas O'Callaghan (NM 7), W.C. Robbins (NM 7), Ora Morningstar (NM 7), Chas. Hamilton (NM 7), Phila Jack O'Brien (NM 7),  Joseph Jordan (NM 7), M.J. McGrath (NM 7), J.B. Moisant (NM-MT 8), W.C. Fielding (NM-MT 8), Eddie Walsh NM-MT 8), Packey McFarland (NM-MT 8), Ray Ewry (NM-MT 8), C.M. Daniels (NM-MT 8), J.L. Hartranft (NM-MT 8), W.J. Kramer (NM-MT 8), Gusta Ljungstrom (NM-MT 8), Charles Eyton (NM-MT 8), Johnny Coulon (NM+ 7.5), J.J. McEbtee (NM+ 7.5), Jerome Keogh (NM 7), George Sutton (NM 7), C.M. Daniels (NM 7), Harry Lewis (NM 7), John Flanagan (NM 7), Geo. Low (NM 7), Johnny Summers- Seated (NM 7), Battling Nelson (NM 7), Fighting D Nelson (NM 7), Willie Lewis (NM 7), George Obermeyer (NM 7), Emilo Lunghi (NM 7), Knock-Out Brown (NM 7), Tom Collins (NM 7), Johnny Marto (NM 7), Phil McGovern (NM 7), Tommy Murphy (NM 7), Owen Moran (NM 7), Lee Johns (NM 7), Frank Klaus (NM 7), S.P. Gilles (NM 7), Robert Cloughen (NM 7), Young Nitchie (NM 7), Tommy O'Keefe (NM 7), John Flanagan - Waist Up (NM 7), Jack Sullivan (NM 7), Mike Sullivan (NM 7),Sailor Burke (NM 7), Jack Goodman (NM 7), Charley Griffin (NM 7), Martin Sheridan (NM 7), Matty Baldwin (NM 7), Jimmy Walsh (NM 7), Al Delmont (NM 7), Dave Deshler (NM 7), Leach Cross (NM 7), Battling Hurley (NM 7), Bert Keyes (NM 7), Hans Homer (NM 7), Johnny Hayes (NM 7), Chas. J. Bacon Jr. (NM 7), Jim Stewart (NM 7), Harry Stone (NM 7), Harry Haywood Jr. (NM 7), H.E. Gissing (NM 7),Ralph Johnstone (NM 7), J.A. Ruddy (NM 7), Ad Wolgast (NM 7), R.E. Frizelle (NM 7), Willie Hoppe (NM 7), Jimmy Gardner (NM 7), Fred Meadows (NM 7), Smythe Northridge (NM 7), Honey Mellody (NM 7),Thomas Huestn (EX-MT 6), Alex Dunbar (EX-MT 6), Geogre Sutton - Portrait (EX-MT 6), Albert Cutler - Portrait ( Ex-MT 6), Albert Cutler- Playing (EX-MT 6), Frak Riley (NM 7), Harry Sedley Jr. (NM 7), W.J. Keating (NM 7), James Crowley (NM 7), Platt Adams (EX-MT 6), Jack Eller (EX-MT 6), Abel Kiviat (EX-MT+ 6.5), Frank Irons (EX-MT 6), Gil Nicholls (EX-MT 6), Edward Weston (EX-Mt 6), Paul Pilgram (EX-MT 6), Budd Goodwin (EX-MT 6),F. Herreshoff (EX-MT 6), Alex Smith (EX-MT 6), Lou Manley (EX-MT 6), James Rector (EX-MT 6), C.D. Trubenbach (EX-MT 6), Clarence Tippett (NM 7), Melvin Sheppard -Side Face (NM 7), Arch Hoxsey (NM 7), James P. Sullivan (NM 7), C.C. Steinert (NM+ 7.5), Al Kaufman (NM-MT 8), Jack Hobens (NM-MT 8), William Heins (NM-MT 8), Billy West (NM-Mt 8), Walter Bursch (NM-MT 8), Dick Hyland (Mint 9), Ora Morningstar - Playing (Mint 9), Jack Johnson -Profile (NM-MT 8), Jack Johnson - Front Face (NM 7), James Jeffries (NM-MT 8), Abe Attell (NM-MT 8), Sam Langford (NM-MT 8), Joe Gans (NM 7), Stanley Ketchell (NM-MT 8), Willie Hoppe - Portrait (NM 7), Joe Jeannette (NM-MT 8), Tommy O'Toole (NM-MT+ 8.5), Jem Driscoll (NM-MT 8), Charles Weston (NM-MT 8), Glenn Riddell (NM-MT 8), Harry Hillman (NM-MT 8), Fred Welsh (NM-MT 8), Dan Ahearne (NM 7), Lawson Robertson (NM 7), Young Loughrey (NM-MT 8), Frankie Neil (NM-MT 8), Young Corbett (NM-MT 8), Patsey Kline (NM-MT 8), Thure Johansson (NM-MT 8), Harry Cline (NM 7), Geo. Gardiner (NM-MT 8), R.P Williams (NM 7), Frankie Conley (NM-MT 8), Harold A. Wilson (NM-MT 8), Percy Sellen (NM-MT 8), Alfredo De Oro (NM-MT 8), John Day (NM-MT 8), Abe Goodman (NM-MT 8), Young Donahoe (NM-MT 8), Andrew Glarner (NM 7), Harry Porter (NM 7), Calvin Demarest (NM 7).

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