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Aviation (500+)

Aviation (500+)

Huge assemblage of aviation wire photos dating from the 1920's through the 1980's with the vast majority dating to the earlier years. Photos and wire photos range in size from 5" x 7" to 9" x 12". They range in condition from VG to EX-MT. Many have original wire service captions affixed to them. Categories include Aviation Instruments, Russian Aviation 1948 and previous, as well as 1949-1963, Maps, English Helicopters, Landing Devices developed by Ames Aeronautical Lab and Plane Models. Images include well known aviators such as Lieutenant Russell Lowell Maughan, Colonel Roberto Fierro, Lieutenant Noel Davis and Byron J. Connell, Cesare Sabelli, Ann Pellegreno, Tex Rankin, Herbert Partridge, Margaret Bartlett and many others. There is a batch of photos of Britain’s “Comet” jet just prior to their inauguration of commercial flights from London to Bombay scheduled for an early 1950’s fast 11 hours. There are many wire photos of Russian and Soviet Pilots who made many trans-polar flights from Russia to the U.S. in the 1930's. And a great photo of Major Generals LeJeune and Logan Feland. There are also some more modern photos including a Reuters “artists impression” image of the ATSF (Avion de Transport Supersonique Future) or in English the second generation Concorde SST which was envisioned to be a 200 passenger with a 12,000km range and speeds of Mach 1.8-2.2. Lots of aviation history!

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