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Baseball Snapshot Photo Collection Including Ruth & Gehrig (41)

Baseball Snapshot Photo Collection Including Ruth & Gehrig (41)

A tremendous collection of baseball photos, including Hall of Famers such as Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Dickey, Grove, Harris, Averill, Collins, Goslin, Heilmann and Speaker, among others. In all, there are 41 black-and-white photos, including some duplicates, one of Dunn Field in Cleveland and another featuring Ruth and Gehrig in a Yankees dugout shot. Many of the photos show fading but most are in good shape, with a few rips. Correspondence from the original collector's son and a photo of his dad are included. The entire collection is incorporated into a nice photo album. The picture of Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig sitting in the dugout is an "original image" and was used in the Ken Burns Baseball Documentary. All of these snapshots are one-of-a-kind originals that were taken by the Consignors Grandfather in the 1920's.

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