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Bee Hive Hockey Photo Collection Group 1, 2 & 3 (450+)

Bee Hive Hockey Photo Collection Group 1, 2 & 3 (450+)

Tremendous collection Bee Hive including examples from all three groups. Collection ranges from VG-EX to EX-MT with a few nicer.1934-43 Group 1 includes: Boston -Bauer, Shewchuk, Schmidt, Hill, Crawford, Brimsek, Conacher and Clapper. Chicago - Carse and Karakas. Detroit - Grosso, Kilrea, Kilrea, Liscombe, Bruneteau and Portland. New York - Hiller, Dillon, Heller, Macdonald, Shibicky and Watson. Toronto - Davidson, Fowler, Blair, Boll, Chamberlain, Kampman, Jackson, Hollett, Armstrong, Church, Goldup and Hamilton.1944-64 Group 2 includes: Boston - O'Ree, Bucyk, Laycoe, Armstrong, Boivin, Burns, Chevrefils, Connelly, Ferguson, Flaman, Gamble, Gendron, Godfrey, Head, Hebenton, Hillman, Horvath, Johnson, Johnston, Labine, Lumley, Mackell, McKenney, Meissner, Mohns, Oliver, Peirson, Pennington, Perreault, Prentice, Pronovost, Regan, Reibel, Sanaford, Simmons, Stapleton, Stasiuk, Toppazzini and Williams. Chicago - Mikita, Horvath, Arbour, Lindsay, Hull, Balfour, Melnyk, McDonald, Maki, MacNeil, Lunde, Litzenberger, Kennedy, Hillman, Hay, Hall, Fogolin, Fleming, Evans, Conacher, Ciesla, Mortson, Murphy, Nesterenko, Pilote, Sloan, St. Laurent, Turner, Vasko and Wharram. Detroit - Howe, Kelly, Arbour, Lindsay, Sawchuck, Bucyk, Bassen, Barkley, Dea, Delvecchio, Dineen, Faulkner, Oliver, Odrowski, McFadden, Melnyk, MacGregor, MacDonald, Pavelich, Lunde, Litzenberger, Labine, Kennedy, Young, Ullman, Stasiuk, Pronovost, Prystai, Reibel, Glover, Gradsby, Fonteyne, Glover, Godfrey, Goegan, Goldham, Hillman, Johnson, Jeffrey, Ingram, Reise, Skov, Smith and Stasiuk. Montreal - Plante, Richard, Richard, Believeau, Turner, Worsley, Tremblay, Talbot, St. Laurent, Rousseau, Reay, Provost, Pronovost, Olmstead, Moore, McDonald, Marshall, Maniago, MacPherson, MacNeil, Brenson, Balon, Backstrom, Geoffrion, Laperriere, Gamble, Fontinato, Ferguson, Cushenan, Currie, Bonin, Goyette, Langlois, Johnson, Hodge, Hicke, Harvey, Harper and Hanna. New York - Gilbert, Plante, Murphy, Paille, Popein, Prentice, Ratelle, Rayner, Schinkel, Shack, Sullivan, Horvath, Howell, Ingarfield, LaBossiere, Langlois, Leswick, Lewicki, McCartan, Mickoski, Harvey, Hebenton, Henry, Hergesheimer, Hampson, Hadfield, Goyette, Gendron, Gadsby, Bathgate, Balon, Bathgate, Cahan, Cullen, Cushenan, Evans, Eddolls, Fontinato and Worsley. Toronto - Kelly, Horvath, Arbour, Sloan, Flaman, Nesterenko, Horton, Creighton, Cullen, Douglas, Duff, Apps, Kennedy, Thomson, Mortson, Edmundson, Ehman, Hampson, Harris, Hillman, James, Conacher, Chadwick, Cahan, Brewer, Bower, Baun, Armstrong, Aldcorn, Reaume, Pulford, Smith, Watson, Olmstead, Nykoluk, Nevin, Morrison, Mikol, Migay, McKenney, Maniago, Mahovlich, MacNeil, MacMillan, Litzenberger, Kraftcheck, Keon, Regan, Boivin, Simmons, Shack, Wilson, Stewart, Stanley and Solinger.1965-67 Group 3 includes: Boston - Bucyk, Williams, Westfall, Stewart, Stapleton, Shock, Prentice, Oliver, McDonald, McCord, Leiter, Kurtenbach, Kennedy, Johnson, Johnston, Green, Fleming, Dornhoefer, Dillabough, Connelly and Boivin. Chicago - Esposito, Hull, Mikita, Hall, Wharram, Vasko, Van Impe, Stapleton, Stanfield, Ravlich, Pilote, Nesterenko, Mohns, McKenzie, Maki, MacNeil, Lunde, Jarrett, Hull, Hodge, Henry, Hay, Dryden, DeJordy, Boyer and Angotti. Detroit - Howe, Lindsay, Henderson, Murphy, Wall, Ullman, Smith, Pronovost, Prentice, Martin, Marshall, Mahovlich, MacGregor, MacDonald, Langlois, Joyal, Jeffrey, Hampson, Hall, Goegen, Gadsby, Fonteyne, Delvecchio, Crozier, Boivin, Bergman, Bathgate, Bassen and Barley. Montreal - Beliveau, Richard, Cournoyer, Backstorm, Balon, Berenson, Duff, Ferguson, Harper, Harris, Hicke, Hodge, Laperriere, Larose, Provost, Richard, Roberts, Rousseau, Talbot, Tremblay, Tremblay and Worsley. New York - Plante, Gilbert, Ratelle, Hadfield, Giacomin, Geoffrion, Seiling, Paille, Kurtenbach, Ingarfield, Howell, Hillman, Hicke, Goyette, Fleming, Brown, Angotti, Nevin, Neilson, Marshall, Maniago, MacNeil and Labossiere. Toronto - Kelly,Sawchuck, Jeffrey, Horton, Broda, Armstrong, Bathgate, Baun, Bower, Brenneman, Brewer, Conacher, Douglas, Ellis, Gamble, Harris, Hillman, Kennedy, Keon, Litzenberger, Mahovlich, McKenney, Moore, Pappin, Pronovost, Pulford, Selby, Shack, Stanley, Stemkowski and Stewart. Also the Stanley Cup, Vezina Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, James Norris Memorial Trophy, Prince Of Wales Trophy, Hart Trophy, Calder Memorial Trophy and Byng Trophy.

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