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Collection of Test & Production Wrappers w/Topps Vault

Collection of Test & Production Wrappers w/Topps Vault

An interesting assortment of wrappers from Topps, Donruss, Philadelphia Chewing Gum and some foreign issues. The details:

- 1966 Topps Batman series (2; 5¢ versions);

- 1969 Topps Crazy TV 5 Cent Test;

- 1973 Donruss The Osmonds;

- 1971 Topps Partridge Family (6);

- 1978 Topps Marvel Comics Sugar-Free Bubble Gum;

- 1969 Philadelphia Dark Shadows / Quentin;

- 1978 Donruss Kiss (2, 1st & 2nd series);

- 1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels (green & yellow variations);

- 1966 A.P. Films Thunderbirds (foreign);

- 1984 Wendy’s ‘Where’s the Beef’ stickers (6 different);

- 2007 Buzzy Pica-Pau gum (Woody Woodpecker / Walter Lantz, 12 different)

These vintage wrappers make for GREAT pieces of advertising and media history – make them yours!

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