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Edward S. Curtis Photograph

Edward S. Curtis Photograph

From tribes in the west to across the U.S., the late Edward S. Curtis said he wanted to document "the old time Indian, his dress, his ceremonies, his life and manners." "The North American Indian" was created by Curtis and published in 20 gorgeous volumes. It was endorsed by Theodore Roosevelt, and issued as a limited edition from 1907-1930. Curtis was intent on showing Indians in their everyday life, and as a more primitive people from a quickly disappearing race. This photo for auction is one of the sepia-toned photographs that Curtis created. It shows a women painting a piece of pottery. There is a quietness and calmness to her - almost a sense of loneliness in a way, yet beauty in knowing generation upon generation has been creating these pieces of pottery. The photo has been twice signed by Curtis (on photo and matte). The bottom left corner reads, "Copyright 1900 by E.S. Curtis, X702". The photograph is a platinum print, and has been beautifully matted and framed to 14.5x17.5".

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