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Febuary 14, 1961 Handbill

Febuary 14, 1961 Handbill

This handbill for a Valentine's Day appearance at Litherland Town Hall is the second earliest known handbill bearing the name "Beatles". The venue holds even greater significance in Beatles lore since it was here, on December 27, 1960, that the Beatles themselves first experienced the audience fervor that, several years later, came to be known as "Beatlemania". They have each acknowledged this date as the defining moment in their fledgling careers. That first booking at Litherland, hastily arranged for December 27, was promoted only by word of mouth, and as handwritten additions to already printed posters. Immediately after the gig, Beekay promoter, Brian Kelly, booked them for 35 appearances in North Liverpool between January and March, including seven at Litherland. The Valentine's Day gig was an equally riotous affair. In his book, "The Complete Beatles Chronicle", Mark Lewisohn relates that a handmade heart worn by Paul McCartney was raffled, with the winner earning a kiss from Paul. When the winner went on stage "to collect her prize, dozens of others did so too, squealing. In the melee, John was knocked to the floor and the others were generally mobbed, until bouncers rescued them, the curtain was closed and the show stopped until calm had been restored". This handbill was acquired originally from Rory Storm & The Hurricane's guitarist, Johnny "Guitar" Byrne", who was in attendance along with Ringo Starr, on that pivotal night in December, 1960. Quarter-folds and diagonal creases are not pronounced on this nicely aged paper.6x9.

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