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Fine Pair of French Dueling Pistols with Original Case and Accessories.

Fine Pair of French Dueling Pistols with Original Case and Accessories.

A wonderful pair of mid-19th century French dueling pistols, with all accoutrements in original case, manufactured by Devisme, Paris. The .44 calibre pistols have exquisite 9 1/2" octagonal barrels, prominently engraved "Devisme / A Paris", and feature caplock actions. Front sights are dovetailed into the barrel, and the pistols feature fine walnut stocks with deeply fluted grips and ornately detailed pommel caps. Breech, escutcheons, tangs, lockplates, hammers and triggerguards are engraved with lovely floral scrollwork. Accessories including tamps and walnut tamping mallet, bullet mold, reaming tool and .44 lead balls and other items are stored with the two pistols in a locking velvet -lined lacquered wood case, measuring 17 3/4" x 10". "Devisme / 26 Boulevart des Italiens / Arquebuster Brevete" is lettered in gold inside the case. Also included is a presentation note from Alejandre Rengifo, a key political figure in Chile, to Colonel Ralph H. Wooten, dated August 1941, with the following memorable inscription: a "remembrance of old times when men murdered each other more slowly than they do now". Brass decorations are complete but partially detached from the top of the wooden case, which is also missing strips of edge modling and some lacquer. The pistols and accessories show some minor wear, mostly consisting of light scratches. Both weapons, however, are in wonderful working condition and display beautifully. A simply outstanding set of dueling pistols.

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