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George Harrison Handwritten Letter

George Harrison Handwritten Letter

This wonderful, handwritten note from George Harrison, circa Sept./Oct. 1963, is in response to a young lady's request for a Beatles photo and reflects the humble attitude of the group at a time when they still personally answered their fan mail. "Dear Miss V (you didn't write your name)," it begins, "I'm sorry but we have run out of photo's at the moment, so all we can do is sign your own picture, so i hope you don't mind. Thanks a lot for your letter, we are all glad you like 'She Loves you'. Cheerio, love from George Harrison". The signature is in blue ink and grades a strong 8/10. The note is on the back of a rare early Beatles promo postcard, which is framed in a nice 20 x 21" display beneath a color shot of the band in performance, both cut into a white backdrop within a black frame. We wonder if the recipient of the note is still in shock.. COA.

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