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Horse Racing Magazines & Other Topical Publications (111)

Horse Racing Magazines & Other Topical Publications (111)

<p>All magazines are different, with the exception of four (two of each) mostly from the 1930s through the 1950s.&nbsp;</p><p>1) Turf &amp; Sport: 1930s (21), 1940s (26), 1950s &amp; later (18)</p><p>2) Blood-Horse: 1930s (9), 1940s (7), 1950s &amp; later (18) - All 35 editions are housed in a black archival binder.</p><p>The following are contained in a white archival binder:</p><p>3) Sports Illustrated (4): 7/18/1955 - Swaps; 8/20/1956; 11/6/1961 - Kelso; 8/12/1963 - Vanderbilt &amp; Native Dancer</p><p>4) Sport: June 1963 - jockey M. Ycaza</p><p>5) Newsweek: 11/17/1934 - Equipoise&nbsp;</p><p>6) Time (3): 5/17/1948 - Arcaro; 5/30/1949 - Ben Jones; 5/31/1954 - Native Dancer&nbsp;</p><p>7) Maryland Horse: March 1954 - Discovery</p><p>8) Pimlico Pictorial: Autumn 1957 - Bold Ruler&nbsp;</p>

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