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Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword

Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword

This superb Samurai tanto sword is one of the finest examples we’ve ever seen, with absolutely standout features. First, its ten-inch blade is in sharp mint condition, with no visible chips, pitting or cracks, and with a perfect point. All fine Japanese edged weapons are constructed of folded layers of iron and steel, hand-forged in a long and laborious process filled with prayer and ceremony. This blade was tempered in the hamon notare style, resulting in a desirable and attractive wave design along its length. Its wooden handle is capped at both ends with polished metal incised with lovely floral scrollwork. The handle is covered with the traditional white pebbled skin of an ocean ray, with subtle metal ornaments set between the wrapping cords. Removing the handle shows the signature of the master craftsman on the tang, which is coated with well-aged reddish-brown patina. The scabbard is meticulously crafted of what appears to be highly polished brass with either silver or steel highlights and beautifully incised with floral designs. Recesses on either side of the tanto hold two smaller knives. The first measures 7 7/8”, and is in perfect condition, with a steel handle that slips tightly onto the tang, which also bears the signature of its maker. A 5 3/8” knife, constructed as a solid piece, fits into a recess on the opposite side of the tanto. Total length in scabbard is approximately 18”. A centerpiece in any collection.Purchased by Charlie Sheen at a Samurai Museum in Japan in the 1980s for around $15,000.

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