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Jim Morrison Signed "Peanuts" Original Artwork

Jim Morrison Signed "Peanuts" Original Artwork

Humorous original artwork incorporating pasted-on Peanuts character cut-outs with his own handwritten dialogues. It is, of course, loaded with sexual overtones. The first frame is Snoopy growling at Pigpen, who replies, “If you bite my balls, I’ll suck your cock.” The second frame is Lucy pleading with Charlie Brown, “I’ll give you 15 [cents] if you’ll fuck me Charlie Brown”, to which he replies, “Throw in your trycicle and it’s a deal, Baby.” Third frame is Charlie Brown asking Linus “What’s wrong kid?” to which Linus answers, “I think I got Syphilis from that whore down the street.” Last is Snoopy: “Arf, growl, ruff, bark”, to which Pigpen says, “Cut that damn swearing out dog.” All done in the hand of Jim Morrison and signed, “Jim” in the upper right corner. On construction paper measures 13.5x3”. EX-MT condition.

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