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Kessler Whiskey Baseball Figurines and Store Displays

Kessler Whiskey Baseball Figurines and Store Displays

Used in liquor stores during the 1960s to advertise Kessler Whiskey, here are a large free-standing baseball player figurine, two old-time baseball player figurines and two cardboard counter displays with the "Smooth As Silk Kessler" logo. The large baseball player stands roughly 47" tall with a base measuring 18 x 12". He wears a blue cap and moustache and "Smooth As Silk Kessler" is written across the front of his uniform. The first smaller baseball figurine, identical to the large one, stands 13" tall; the other is identical except that it stands 14 1/2" tall as it is affixed atop a 10 x 6" base, which also features the Kessler logo. The cardboard displays measure 12 x 19 x 5" and there is one for the National League and one for the American League. "Smooth as Silk Kessler Leads the League" is printed on the top of each, and both displays have columns where small plastic batting helmets representing the major league teams in the eastern and western divisions of each league can be arranged by their current standing in their respective divisions. There are slots for 24 teams but only 22 helmets, including two from the Montreal Expos. Unique and attractive pieces for your baseball or Americana collection.

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