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Large 1890s-1950s Vintage Boxing Card Collection w/1909 T9 Turkey Red (110+)

Large 1890s-1950s Vintage Boxing Card Collection w/1909 T9 Turkey Red (110+)

Total of 115 cards from 1890s-1950s, 40+ different sets: 1911 T9 Turkey Red, 1926 Spalding Champions, 1890 Mayo Cut Plug, 1927 W560, 1911 W.D. & H.O., 1911 Scissors, 1910 T225, 1951 Ringside, 1948 leaf, 1910 Mecca & Hassan Cigarettes, 1947 Cummings, 1938 F.C Cartledge, 1930 Caramelos, 1948 Topps Magic, 1920s strip cards, 1910 T229, 1956 Adventure, 1909 James Jeffries, 1910 Pet Cigarettes, 1909-28 Ogden's Pugilist & Wrestlers and Boxers, 1912 Cohen Weenen, 1929 Godfrey Phillips, 1923 Rocket's Famous Knockouts, 1935 J.A. Pattreiouex, 1923 Monarchs of the Ring, 1915 Cope's Cigarettes, 1923 Burnstein Isaacs, 1936 Ardath Tobacco, and more. Better cards: 1911 T9 Turkey Red of Abe Attell & Harry Lewis, 1926 Spalding Champions Louis "Kid" Kaplan, 1890 Mayo Cut Plug Chonskia, 1927 W560 Benny Leonard 4 of Diamonds, 1911 Scissors back of Wells & Godlswain, 1910 T225 of Lewis, Attell, Cross, 1951 Topps Ringside (6): Baer, Leonard, Attell, Miller, Ross, Goldstein, 1910 Mecca & Hassans with Attell and Lewis, 1948 Leaf (5): Baer, Leonard, Ross, Attell, Fields, 1938 F.C Cartledge (5): Baer, Berg, Mizler, Elias, Roth, 1948 Topps Magic Max and Buddy Baer, 1946 Propagandas Max Baer, 1910 T229 Kopec Monte Attell, 1909 James Jeffries Welsh/Attell, 1922 Sporting Champions Benny Leonard, 1910 Pet Cigarettes Abe Attell, 1909-28 Ogden's Pugilist & Wrestlers and Boxers: Attell, Fox, Stone, Berg, Mason, Bell, 1915 Cope's Cigarettes Kid Lewis & Harry Stone, 1912 Cohen Weenen Harry Lewis (green back), 1938 Churchman's Cigarettes (6): Baer, Lewis, Mizler, Berg. Conditions range with a conservative EX overall given to the lot. There are a healthy balance of lesser and better.

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