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Letter from Marlon Brando to Charlie Sheen

Letter from Marlon Brando to Charlie Sheen

A handwritten letter of apology from the eccentric icon of the silver screen to his close friend Charlie Sheen reads, "I'm feeling like a very large turd on a very thin stick. I'm holed up in bed and taking everything from sled dog urine to powdered East Indian vulva-maybe won't work tomorrow if I feel the same. I really feel bad for not showing up at your birthday bash but I really feel shitty and best stay in bed. I don't have much of a selection. I'm sure it will be a kick in the ass and I hate to miss it-Happiest of birthdays to you, Charlie. Love Marlon" Penned in blue ballpoint that grades a "9" out of possible "10" on Brando's personal stationary that has only its original mailing folds (NRMT). Framed to 13"x16.

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