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Massive 1970's-1980's Non Sport Hoard

Massive 1970's-1980's Non Sport Hoard

All encompassing non sport collection from the 1970's-1980's. This collection has wax boxes, partial wax boxes, and loose packs. Highlights include wax boxes of Empire Strikes back 2nd series, (2) Superman, Superman II (partial), Superman III, (4) Alien (1 partial), (2) Rocky II, Dukes of Hazard stickers, Buck Rogers, (5) Mash (1 partial), (13) Rocky Horror (1 partial), (4) Kiss (1 partial), Rocket ship V-M (partial), (2) Star Trek II, Space 1999, Welcome Back Kotter (partial), Moonraker, (3) Black Hole (1 partial), Chips (partial), (3) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1 partial), (3) Donkey Kong (1 partial), Movie giant Pin Ups, (5) Dark Crystal (2 partial), Knight Rider (partial), Donruss Baseball Champions, (2) Gong Show (1 partial), (3) Donruss Super Bubble, (2) Kojak (1 partial) (Monty), Six Million Dollar Man (empty box with wrappers and cards), (15) Jaws 3D (1 partial), (4) ET (1 partial), (2) Magnum PI (1 partial), Pac Man (partial), (4) Tron, Beanie Babies Series II, (3) Fabulous and Odd Rods (1 partial), Michael Jackson (partial), Elvis (partial), (2) Mork & Mindy (1 partial), Charlies Angels series 1-4 (partials), Donruss Sluggers of the HOF, Threes Company, (3) Empire Strikes Back Stickers (1 partial), Batman (movie), (2) World of Stamps and (5) Wacky Packages 3rd series 1980 stickers. Loose packs include multiples of Elvis (Donruss), Chips, Grease, Superman, Superman II, Saturday Night Fever, Welcome Back Kotter, Kojak, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws 3-D, Moonraker, Space 1999, Mork & Mindy, Elvis (Monty), Mr. Magoo Tattoo Transfers, and many, many more. Wax boxes are generally in rough condition overall. Packs can replace missing packs from partial wax boxes. Approximately 112 wax boxes in total. A truly massive collection!

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