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Massive European Boxing Card Collection (1,000+)

Massive European Boxing Card Collection (1,000+)

This huge accumulation of sets, partial sets, and singles are mostly British but includes a variety of cards from other countries as well. In addition to mainstream British issues, the lot includes an impressive array of difficult type cards. British cards: 1913 Wills British Army Boxers (86) 2 complete sets; 1915 Cope (3) w/Sullivan; 1923 Godfrey Phillips Sports (2); 1928 Odgens Puglists In Action (37) w/Walker, La Barba, Berg; 1928 Player’s Pugilists In Action w/Drumhead backs (72) w/Tunney; 1925 Teofani Magnums (82) including Johnson, Carpentier, Papke, McFarland, Dixie Kid, Jeannette;1929 Godfrey Phillips Sporting Champions complete set of 36 plus 39 extras; 1932 Godfrey Phillips Personalities of Today (4) all Dempseys; 1932 Sports Trophies (2); 1932-34 Godfrey Phillips package issue (orange borders) (31) including Walker, Carnera, Harvey; 1934 Player’s Boxing positions complete set of 25; 1935 Godfrey Phillips In The Public Eye (42) including multiples of the 6 boxers Braddock (7), Baer (10), Harvey (6); 1938 Churchmans Boxing Personalities (167) 2 complete sets plus extras including Dempsey, Louis, Tunney, Johnson, Braddock, Baer; 1948-53 Godfrey Phillips Sports package issue (blue borders) including Joe Louis (4) and a complete package label with Louis; 1949 Carreras Turf Sports series(7); 1980 Phoenix Legends (20); 1984 Phoenix Scrappers set (20); 1960 D.C. Thompson Stars of Sports and Entertainment (10) w/Patterson; 1984 Rover Victory Blend British Boxing set (20); 1984 Rover Victory Blend Tough Yanks set (20); Humor In Sport (17); boxing matchbox labels (11); misc British tobacco and candy (75) Spanish Cards: 1941 Editorial Valenciana (78) including Louis, Baer, Carnera (5), Conn (2), Sharkey (4), Schmeling (2), Chocolate; 1940s Gallina Blanca (32); 1964 Nestle (9) w/Papp; 1968 Contamos Contigo (7) with album remnants. European Cards: 1920s JNDO Egyptian Cigarette Co (5); 1932 De Buekelaer (10) including Berg, Harvey, Thil; Miscellaneous European (47); 1960s Swedish candy Johansson (3), Patterson.

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