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Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball Card Collection (29)

Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball Card Collection (29)

A very hot area of the hobby, this delectable lot of 29 cards signed by the one and only Mickey Mantle, includes: 1951 Bowman vertical, 1978, 79, 80, 83 #1, 83 #26, 87 -1975 SSPC #37, 1976 SSPC, (2) 1953 Bowman B&W (1979 version), 1953 Bowman Color (1989 version), 1982 Superstar #30, 1982 Diamond Classics, 1982 ASA Mantle story, 1983 Donruss #7, 1983 Donruss #43, 1984 Sports Design, 1985 Topps Circle K #6, 1985 All-Time Record Holders, 1986 Sports Design, 1987 Fleer Baseball's All-Time Greats, 1988 Mickey Mantle Restaurant, 1991 RBI Magazine Prototype, 1994 UD Heroes auto (UDA), Don LePore "Reward" card, 1958 Hires Root Beer reprint and one other.My father Ed Kubina began going to card shows for autographs in the mid to late 1970s. The first one I remember was at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY, where Mickey Mantle was signing. My father brought my entire Girl Scout troop, paying their way, and gave them pictures for Mickey Mantle to sign. He told them if Mr. Mantle asked them who to personalize it to, tell him to sign “To Ed”. After eighteen Girl Scouts and I went through the line, Mickey looked up at my Dad when he finally made it through and said, “Hi Ed”. Over the years we went to every card show Mickey signed at in the Northeast. These were our family vacations. My dad went to well over 100 shows through the years in his quest for the signatures of players like Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Billy Martin, and Whitey Ford. We also went to Induction Weekend at Cooperstown every year beginning in the 1980s. This is where we met and got autographs from Roger Maris along with dozens of other retired players. After Mickey Mantle’s death, my dad took a trip with my brother to Commerce, Oklahoma, where Mickey Mantle was born, and took pictures. He even took a small piece off the side of the barn wall that Mantle used to practice hitting balls against when growing up. That was obsessive. - Deirdre Leary, November 2018

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