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Penny Chenery Original Painting

Penny Chenery Original Painting

Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery has long been viewed as the "First Lady of Racing." However, in the last years of her long and accomplished life, she discovered she had an artistic side and enjoyed painting. This hidden talent remained totally separate and distinct from her public persona as an accomplished businesswoman and horse breeder. She found her favorite medium to be watercolors and her body of work included studies of her home and surroundings, some of which she was especially proud and others noted as sentimental favorites. While she never harbored any sort of ambitious expectations for her very small body of artwork, it can be said that every one of her paintings share one characteristic in common with the most illustrious works residing in the finest museums -- in that the joy of their creation was undeniably genuine and heartfelt. This original Penny Chenery painting, entitled "Teddy & Turf Study," expresses an inner sweetness and whimsy, and its pallet incorporates the soft hues and pastel colors Penny favored in the majority of her works. Interesting, it is one of the only pieces in which she depicts a horse in any form, something she felt too inexperienced to satisfactorily attempt in her artistic efforts. Painted on fine art linen stock, the piece is hand-signed and dated February 2, 2016, and measures 11" x 15” in total within its blue hardwood wooden frame that Penny personally selected. The painting emanates from her personal collection in the Secretariat/Meadow Stable Archives and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the Chenery/Tweedy family. Proceeds from this item will go to support the Meadow Barn Restoration Fund as part of the campaign to preserve and upgrade the original barns that housed Secretariat, Riva Ridge and many others. 14.75x11.75"

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