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Personal Objects from The Estate of Matt Win (7)

Personal Objects from The Estate of Matt Win (7)

<p>A prominent personality in American thoroughbred horse racing, Matt Winn was president of Churchill Downs racetrack, home to the Kentucky Derby that he made famous. Great items from this Hall of Famer include: 1) 14k gold pencil inscribed to Matt Win, from Jack Kelly, Olympic medal winner. 2) 14k gold watch chain. 3) 1888 photo of Winn, earliest known. 4) 1935 Hialeah Park pin, Seabiscuit debut. 5) Cigarette cutter. 6) Binoculars in leather case. 7) Sterling silver horse design money clip. Items are certified to be part of Winn's estate; after the death of the last of his children in 1997, a Kentucky auction house sold these to a prominent antiques dealer, and they were passed along to the most recent owner in 2018. SGC.</p>

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