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Redbird Roost Display Decorated by  Mark McGwire Bats

Redbird Roost Display Decorated by Mark McGwire Bats

It stood to reason that the home of the Redbirds had to have a nest, and this was it – though it seems more appropriate for a giant flying pterodactyl. The Redbird Roost was a meeting place in center field sponsored by Coca-Cola, for which this display was created using shards of lumber held together under what looked like a gigantic baggie and decorated on the outside by numerous Mark McGwire bats all the way around it. The display was affixed to the Roost’s railings and draped under the grandstand. We are offering several separate sections, from 8’ in length on down to 2’ in length, allowing for just about any room to have its own piece of the Cardinals’ nest! <br>(Estimate $500 - $1,000)

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