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Ringo Starr Abbey Road Black Suit Jacket

Ringo Starr Abbey Road Black Suit Jacket

Edwardian-style jacket is believed to be the jacket Ringo Starr wore on the classic cover of Abbey Road where the Beatles are striding across the crosswalk of the same name. When comparing the photograph of the album cover and this jacket they are exact right down to the type and number of buttons, seams, collar style, length and most vividly the stylish pleat in the back. Quality is marvelous and totally of the period. It is finely custom made with inside breast pocket tagging by the haberdasher. Tagging reads, "A Grafton Original by Herbert Keith." The jacket comes with signed letter of authenticity from his girlfriend Nancy Andrews who lived with Ringo from 1972-80. Andrews states that this is indeed the same jacket from the cover, Ringo often had duplicate jackets made for different occasions. She could not say for 100% that this was the jacket, but the chances are that it is indeed. The cover image picturing Ringo wearing the jacket is incredibly famous for multiple reasons. This is The Beatles last recorded album and features Paul McCartney in the famous "Paul is Dead" barefooted reference. This is also the very image of Ringo striding that was used to recently manufacture a plethora of merchandising.

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