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Spectacular Original Art Fresh From The Topps Vault (5)

Spectacular Original Art Fresh From The Topps Vault (5)

Incredible stuff come direct to you from the Topps Vault. Some with their certs, but all from the Vault. 1) Pair of 1975 Topps Mad Ad Foldees original preparatory art. Take off on Wacky Packs but Topps can get away with it because they own them. Includes "Captain Crutch" (How dare they blemish the Captain?) and "Groovy Train" Dog Food. There was nothing groovy about that garbage. Dog is quite fat. Each comes with one panel of art and full working proof of the cards. 2) 1961 Topps Crazy Packs Original Display Box Art. Marvelous goache on artists paper by iconic comic artist Wally Wood. 3) Pair of 1989 Topps original Stupid Smile Stickers test issue art work. Crafted by airbrush.

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