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The Rise & Fall of the Great American Jockey, Isaac Murphy (3)

The Rise & Fall of the Great American Jockey, Isaac Murphy (3)

<p>Isaac Murphy, arguably, is revered as the greatest American jockey by many. This lot represents famous events from both the zenith and lowest point of his illustrious career.&nbsp;</p><p>The high points are represented by admission tickets:&nbsp;</p><p>1) Clubhouse ticket for the famous match race between Salvator and Tenny on June 25,1890, the 8th day of the meet at Coney Island Jockey Club's racetrack at Sheepshead Bay, N.Y. Murphy rode Salvator to a narrow victor over Snapper Garrison's mount.&nbsp;</p><p>2) Admission for the first day of the 1886 summer meeting at Washington Park. On this day, Siler Cloud, who was given little chance, won the American Derby.&nbsp;</p><p>The Monmouth Handicap on August 26,&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 13px;">1890, the&nbsp;red and blue</span> began his tragic and momentous fall from grace. Riding champion mare Firenzi, Murphy rode an erratic race before falling of the great horse. Although controversial, he was suspended for being under the influence. From 1892-1895, the year before he died, his record per Goodwin's Turf Guides, was only 12 wins overall for his last four years in the saddle.&nbsp;</p><p>3) The actual Monmouth program is included. The program includes advertisement heralding the upcoming event featuring Salvator attempting to break the ne mile record.&nbsp;</p><p>All items are in near mint condition. The program has light pencil marking to designate scratches and top finishers. The admissions tickets have no writing. These items are extremely rare and likely unique, The Coney Island Jockey Club for the 1890 June meeting departed from its normal numbering for each day of the meet. Although the club retained the number 1 to represent the opening day, entrance tickets remaining 13 days were noted as follow: 2nd day- X; 3rd day- 2; 4th day- XX; 5th day- 3; 6th day- A; 7th day- 4; 8th day XXX; 9th day- 5; 10th day- xx over xx; 11th day- 6; 12th day- B; 13th day- 7; &amp; the 14th day- 8. Notation XXX on the clubhouse ticket represent the actual 8th day of the meet when the historic match race took place.&nbsp;</p>

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