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Unique Personally Gifted Mementos Collection (300+)

Unique Personally Gifted Mementos Collection (300+)

This interesting assortment consists of over 300 items gifted to avid memorabilia collector Jim Schendel, whose collection spans back to the 1950s, with the majority of the pieces labeled as to who they are from. There is a wide variety of different types of items in this collection including jewelry, wallets, silverware, personally-used pens, cufflinks and much more. Some of the more interesting pieces include: 1) Lyndon B. Johnson's pen. 2) Maryland Flag gifted by Spiro Agnew. 3) Jennifer Jones hand fan. 4) Cesar Romero's personal rosary. 5) Liberace cufflinks. 6) Kirk Douglas pen. 7) Andrew Volstead pocketknife. 8) Bob Mathis pin given to him at 1952 Olympics. 9-10) John Cameron Swayze desk sign with signed letter. 11) John D. Rockefeller campaign pins. 12) Bullet from "The Lone Ranger," gifted by Clayton Moore. 13) Muriel Humphrey American Flag.

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