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Vintage French Boxing Card Collection (180)

Vintage French Boxing Card Collection (180)

France has a long tradition of issuing boxing cards starting in the early 20th century. There were two distinct peaks of French boxing card issuance: the late 1920's/early 1930's and several years after World War II. Both coincided with the rise of talented French boxers, some of whom are represented here: Battling Siki, Marcel Cerdan, Marcel Thil, Georges Carpentier, and Charles Humez. This lot includes a variety of French cards as well as some other cards from French-speaking European nations, and includes some very difficult type cards. Offered are: Kemmel (4) including Carnera, Dundee, Kilbane; 1954 Les Docks Franc-Comtois (2) 1954 Nestle (2); 1951 Club Chocolat Aiglon (4) w/Robinson; Chocolaterie De L’Union Champions (very tough set) (5) including Robinson and Cerdan; Chocolate Favarger (6) including Thil; Milliat Freres Carpentier and Tunero; Cafes Jihair (1); 1936 Actualites Molie; (12) candy, pastry and other cards; 1954 Collection Felix Potin (8) including Robinson, Cerdan, Humez, Felix Potin, 2nd Collection (2); Superchocolates Jacques boxing and wrestling positions (27); Superchocolates Jacques Sports Illustres (40); Album Chocolats Peter, Callier, Kohler, Nestle (2); boxing matchbox labels (2); French trade cards (24). Spanish cards: Chocolates Torras (1), Chocolate Amatller (24) including Siki, Carpentier, Sharkey, McTigue; Belgium: 1932 De Buekelaer (9) including Tunney, Carnera, Genaro, La Barba, Berlenbach; 1950s Macaroni Anto. Conditions range from poor to near mint with an average of vg-ex.

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