The Lelands Legends

The Lelands Legends

Joshua Leland Evans: A Life’s Passion

The son of hard-working antiques dealers, Joshua Leland Evans applied the knowledge and experience he gained from thousands of hours of combing the U.S. for antique and collectible treasures, to the joy of finding vintage sports cards and memorabilia tracing the roots of the sports he loved.

Josh did not buy, collect or sell sports memorabilia for the money – it simply was not lucrative in the late 60s and early 1970’s. He was in it for the love of “the stuff” and the pure satisfaction of “the find”. Unearthing invaluable treasure in the unlikeliest of places, or on the doorstep of a former athlete whose memory he cherished, he found a magical quest. By the time Joshua had graduated from a top business school in 1983, he coined the term “sports memorabilia” and knew more about the hobby than anyone.

Michael Heffner: The Protégé

Michael Heffner was a young man who started working with Josh Evans in the mid-1980s, when “Heff” was only 17 years old. Sharing the same great passion for the stuff and the find, Heffner spent countless hours working with Josh to build a knowledge base that now rivals Mr. Evans. Heff literally worked his way up from the bottom, and today is an equal partner with Josh in the firm.

Michael Heffner has become one of the most respected and knowledgeable figures in the hobby. In addition, Heff is a most valued consultant to the biggest sports collectors worldwide.

Trusted and Respected

Joshua Evans and Michael Heffner have a combined 80 years of experience in sports collectibles. Coming from an era where there were no graders or authenticators, Josh and Heff crafted, by necessity, a deep knowledge of sports memorabilia and cards that is unequaled today. Together, they are universally respected for selling the real thing and outing forgers and the like.

The reverence they have earned, along with their experience appraising tens of thousands of important pieces valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has made Lelands the most respected, trusted and cutting-edge sports collectable auction house in the world.

The Lelands’ Legends

Evans’ and Heffner’s love for the hobby and unrivaled longevity and success finding the most important and desired sports pieces, has kept Lelands at the pinnacle of the sports memorabilia and vintage cards hobby. Their unparalleled instincts for value and authenticity, their impeccable taste, and a keen sense for change in this constantly evolving market, have made them hobby legends.

The Adventure Continues

Today, Joshua and Michael lead a well-trained team of passionate and knowledgeable experts in an adventure to discover important pieces and collections that are meaningful to the hobby and priceless to their clientele.