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1880-1970 Vintage Wrestling Photographs & Ephemera Lot of 100+

1880-1970 Vintage Wrestling Photographs & Ephemera Lot of 100+

Cabinet cards (9): Yusak Ismael ("The Terrible Turk"); Nat Hutchins; William Heygster; 1881 Mike Donahue; 1882 George Flagg; 1882 Sam Berry; 1882 William Hess; 1883 Ben Jones; 1884 Jim Faulkner.Photo postcards (26): George Hackenschmidt, Frank Gotch, Vernon Breedlove, Gustav Fristensky, etc.Photographs (60+): 1883 Theold Bauer, 1883 Benny Jones, 1883 Paddy Crowley, 1885 Gus Hill, Yusiff Hussane, 1920 Vernon Breedlove, Spike Howard, Irsa, and The Bennett Sisters.1940s "Boston Arena...All-Star Wrestling. Direction: Paul Bowser" full ticket with trimmed corner; 1949 broadside with "Wrestling. Salem, North Street Arena...Steve Casey and Roland Meeker vs. Marvin Westenberg and the mysterious Mr. X" (17x11"). 1950s Exhibit Supply Company proof photos (4) with "Hard Boiled" Haggerty, Ruffy Silverstein, "Sailor" Art Thomas, and Lin Hale. 1960s wrestling picture pack (22): Grizzly Smith, El Mattador Matta, MacArthur, etc. 1969 on-site fight program featuring J.C. Dykes/The Infernos vs. Becker/Thomas/Weaver and Beautiful Brutus vs. Great Malenko. Referee Joe Louis. Neat writing on cover; 1970 "Ray Stevens vs. Pat Patterson...Death Match" with "Special Referee Archie Moore" advertising flyers (25).

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