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1910 Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries Panoramic Photograph

1910 Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries Panoramic Photograph

Breathtaking and historically relevant panoramic image taken from the center of the Reno boxing ring where Jack Johnson defeated Jim Jeffries to become the Heavyweight Championship of the World and the first African-American title holder. Incredible clarity and detail on sea of all-white faces which seems to go on forever.Small portrait images of the fighters (Johnson and Jeffries) and the promoters (Tex Rickard and Jack Gleason) appear at the top corners. Text at center top reads, "Panorama of the Jeffries and Johnson Contest - Reno, Nevada - July 4th, 1910. Taken 30 Minutes Before Contest. Gate $270,775.00. Purse 121,000.00." Bottom right photo credit reads, "Photo by Mercantile Adv. Co."The image measures 19.5x70.5" and is mounted on whiteboard measuring 23x74". Displays both eastern and western views atop each other. Other exemplars have sold at auction previously but the condition of the one on offer here is by far the best with minimal creasing and chipping. One of the most important bouts in boxing history immortalized in one of the most unique and original formats.

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