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1910s-60s Awesome Wire Photo Collection (900+)

1910s-60s Awesome Wire Photo Collection (900+)

Tremendous collection of over 900 original, 1st generation wire photos. From Scripps-Howard’s famed NEA/Acme Archive, the collection that’s priceless baseball photo collection was built on. Majority date from the 1930s, with 90% from 1950s and earlier. Many have original paper captions and/or stamped NEA/Acme. There are well over 100 sports photos: 1943 Frank Sinatra concert crowd, Walter Cronkite including NASA (10), 1935 midgets, 1938 Rothschild (3), society at 1930s Belmont Park & race tracks (24), 1934 Masters golf, 1963 Medgar Evers assassin Byron De La Beckwith, 1918-1930s King George of Greece, 1933 Eskimo trek, 1929 Cleveland National Air Races, 1948 Olympic weightlifters, 1937 Argentine polo team, 1932 Boat Races, 1935 League of Nations, 1937 Vanderbilt Cup, 1950s President Eisenhower (9), 1926 Crown Prince of Sweden, 1951 antique cars, 1939 transportation museum, Moshe Dayan & 1939 Jewish leader (3), lots of crime, big group of dog shows and animals, 1960 circus elephant, 1935 Risko-Yarosz & golfer wife (2), 1943 Rice basketball, a ton of military, 1930s-60s steamships (18), 1938 golf girls, 1929 trans-Atlantic flight, 1944 cross country flight, 1956 Jane Wyman, 1938 NY Giant, 1940 AAU basketball title, 1928 concerto, 1927 cowboy mayor, 1952 boxing manager indicted, 1967 Michigan St. football coach, 1959 Davis Cup, 1953 auto racing crash, 1936 Miss California, 1957 <i>Casey At the Bat</i> wife, 1951 Yankee game, 1969 college basketball point shaving scandal (2), 1929 LSU football captain, 1932 Fred Perry & tennis stars, 1952 Forest Hills tennis, 1927 Jack Delaney Lt hvywt champ, 1923 golf tournament, 1929 AAU track champ, 1939 Navy football, RAF Spitfire pilot has sex change, some early United Nations, 1959 Cuban war crimes (3), 1948 suicide, 1924 fishing (6), 1939 Generalissimo Franco, 1952 A-Bomb detonation at Yucca Flats (2), 1950 Truman, several space and Apollo11 return, 1923 equestrian, early women in military, lots of high fashion, 1925 first horseless carriage, 1927 Earl Carroll, 1925 Native American sculptor, large group of early auto stuff with Henry Ford, Barry Goldwater (14), 1930s Father Coughlin (4), 1922 Civil War GAR, Mayor Daley (4), 1934 Eleanor Roosevelt, 1921 Hawaii, 1919 Winston Churchill, 1969 Miss America, death of King George VI & Kings of England (10+), 1925 Rhinelander Racial Trial (25), 1959 Yogi Bear, 1935 hunting, 1944 Josef Goebbels, 1953 Chuck Dressen, several Gromyko, Railroad including 1939 NYWF and train crashes (30+), lots of airplanes and dirigible, 1938 lesbian domination, and many, many more. Mostly 7x9", overall EX. <b>Tremendous quality </b>with lots of great stuff.

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