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1962-80s Topps World Series Champions, All-Stars, LL & Specials Collection (1,100+ cards)

1962-80s Topps World Series Champions, All-Stars, LL & Specials Collection (1,100+ cards)

<p>This is a fresh lot which derives from the same collection of those high graded complete sets which sold for record prices in Lelands' March 2017 auction. Our consignor was very fond of specials subsets, team cards, small sets and World Series Champions, with a complete run of World Series Champions team sets from 1966 on up, the 1971 "In Action" cards (a total of 52 cards in this set were game action shots, mostly from Yankee Stadium, with Nolan Ryan) and "Rookies" subsets, plus a ten-spot of 1972 Topps Traded High number subsets with the Steve Carlton, Joe Morgan and Frank Robinson cards. These World Series team sets include all the HOFers, rookies and high number cards, and even multiple player rookie cards where applicable. Many of the teams have multiple team sets included with SIX (6) 1967 St. Louis Cardinals complete team sets. All the cards are relatively high grade, mostly EX-MT to NM-MT (a few lesser), with each grouping providing an overall breakdown, plus all major stars individually graded. There is a ton of value here, with plenty of cards ready for third-party grading and authentication. </p><p>Includes: <strong>World Series Champion Team Sets - </strong></p><p><strong>1966 Baltimore Orioles</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>TWO </strong>complete 29 card team sets </span>w/#126 <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Palmer RC</span> (both NM), 310 F. Robinson (1 EX/MT &amp; 1 NM - scratches) and 390 B. Robinson (1 NM &amp; 1 VG/EX). Grades mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1967 St. Louis Cardinals</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>SIX </strong>complete 28 cards team sets</span> w/#45 Maris (4 NM &amp; 2 EX/MT), 146 Carlton (2 NM &amp; 4 EX/MT), 210 Gibson (3 NM &amp; 3 EX/MT), 285 Brock (2 NM, 3 EX/MT &amp; 1 EX) and 604 Shannon (1 NM/MT, 3 NM &amp; 2 EX/MT). Grades mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1968 Detroit Tigers</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">ONE complete 25-card team set</span> w/#240 Kaline (NM) and 528 Tigers (EX). Grades EX or better.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>1969 New York Mets</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">ONE complete 26-card team set</span> w/#480 Seaver (NM) and 533 Ryan (NM). Grades mostly NM or better. </p><p><strong>1970 Baltimore Orioles</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">ONE complete 31-card team set</span> w/#230 B. Robinson (NM/MT), 449 Palmer (NM) and 700 F. Robinson (NM - stain). Grades mostly NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1971 Pittsburgh Pirates</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">TWO complete 26-card team sets</span> w/#230 Stargell (1 NM &amp; 1 EX/MT) and 630 Clemente (both NM). Grades mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1972 Oakland A's</strong>: ONE complete 35-card team set w/#435 Jackson (EX/MT). </p><p><strong>1973 Oakland A's</strong>: ONE complete 30-card team set w/#255 Jackson (NM+). </p><p><strong>1974 Oakland A's</strong>: ONE complete 28-card team set w/#130 Jackson (NM/MT). </p><p><strong>1975 Cincinnati Reds</strong>: ONE complete 28-card team set w/#320 Rose (NM/MT) and TWO 28 complete 28-card MINI team sets w/#320 Rose (1 NM &amp; 1 EX). </p><p><strong>1976 Cincinnati Reds</strong>: ONE complete-31 card team set. Those sets from 1972 on up are mostly NM to NM/MT.</p><p> <strong>1982 St. Louis Cardinals</strong>: One Donruss and Topps (w/Traded) team sets. </p><p>1983 Baltimore Orioles, 1984 Detroit Tigers, 1985 Kansas City Royals, 1986 New York Mets: ONE EACH Donruss, Fleer and Topps team sets. 1987 Minnesota Twins: ONE Topps team set. 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers: ONE Fleer and Topps team sets. All 1980s sets are NM/MT to MINT. </p><p><strong>SPECIALS (ALL TOPPS)</strong> - <strong>1962 Babe Ruth Subset</strong>: complete 20-card subset, with all green tint variations w/#139 Babe Hits 60 (GT - EX/MT, REG - NM) and #140 Ruth/Gehrig (GT NM/MT, REG NM). Balance EX/MT to NM. </p><p><strong>1971 Topps "In-action" cards</strong>: 52 cards w/#5 Munson (recolored), 264 Morgan (EX/MT), 300 B. Robinson (EX), 450 Gibson (EX/MT+) and 513 <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ryan</span> (NM). Grades mostly EX to NM, some better. </p><p><strong>1971 Rookies subset</strong>: 44 cards w/#709 <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Baylor/Baker RC</span> (NM). Grades mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1972 Traded Sets</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">TEN complete (7) cards Traded sets</span> with Carlton, Morgan and Robinson high numbers Traded cards. Grades mostly EX/MT to NM, with some lesser and some better (many SGC &amp; PSA "flips" included). </p><p><strong>1973 All Time Leaders</strong>: 8-cards subset w/Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb etc. Grades NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1974 Washington NL</strong>: <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>SEVEN </strong>(7) complete 15 cards subsets</span> w/team card and McCovey. Grades mostly NM to NM/MT, with some lesser. </p><p><strong>1974 Traded Sets:</strong> THREE complete 45-card sets. Mostly EX/MT to NM. </p><p><strong>1975 Highlights</strong>: 7-card set with #1 Aaron, 5 Ryan and 7 Ryan. Grades NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1975 Mini Highlights</strong>: 7 card set with #1 Aaron, 5 Ryan and 7 Ryan. Grades NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1976 All Time All Stars</strong>: FOUR complete 10-card ATAS subsets, with Ruth, Gehrig etc, grading mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1976 Traded Sets:</strong> FOUR complete 45-card sets. Mostly EX/MT to NM. </p><p><strong>1979 All Time Leaders</strong>: TWO 8-card subsets. NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>All-Star Subsets (60 cards)</strong> - <strong>1968</strong>: complete 20-card set w/#370 Aaron (EX/MT+) and 374 Clemente (NM). Mostly NM. </p><p><strong>1969</strong>: complete 20-card set, mostly EX/MT to NM (a couple lesser). </p><p><strong>1970</strong>: complete 20-card set w/#459 Jackson (EX/MT) and 462 Aaron (NM, miscut).</p><p> <strong>League Leaders (48 cards)</strong> - <strong>1968</strong>: complete 12-card set w/#1 Clemente LL (EX/MT+), mostly EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1971</strong>: TWO 12-card sets, grades EX/MT to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>1972</strong>: complete 12-card set, grades NM to NM/MT. </p><p><strong>NL &amp; AL plus World Series (56 cards)</strong> - <strong></strong></p><p><strong>1968</strong>: 8 cards. </p><p><strong>1970</strong>: 14 cards w/Seaver &amp; Ryan. </p><p><strong>1971</strong>: 6 cards. <strong>1973</strong>: 10 cards. <strong>1974</strong>: 10 cards. <strong>1975</strong>: 8 cards. All NM to NM/MT. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Over 1,100 cards total</span>.</p>

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