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1969-71 OPC and Topps Childhood Collection (2,400+ Cards)

1969-71 OPC and Topps Childhood Collection (2,400+ Cards)

Large collection of Topps & OPC baseball cards, mainly from 1969 thru 1971, with many better grade cards included in the mix. Approx. 200 cards from the mid 60’s are also included. The collection breaks down as follows: - 1969: approx. 300 Topps cards, #’s 300 and up. Includes #500 Mantle (EX+), #533 Ryan (VG-EX), #550 B. Robinson (EX-MT) and #650 Ted Williams (EX, oc). 35% EX or better, 45% VG-EX, 15% VG, 5% lesser. - 1969: approx. 200 OPC cards, #’s 1 to 218 including approx. 30 duplicates. Includes #20 Banks (2; VG, GD), #50 Clemente (VG) and #190 Mays (2; GD-VG, GD). 15% EX, 50% VG-EX, 25% VG, 10% lesser. - 1970: Approx. 1100 OPC cards, with 1 high grade partial set of 459/720, plus approx. 640 duplicates. The partial set includes Reggie Jackson, Munson RC, Marichal, Ted Williams (MGR), McCovey, Seaver, Clemente and Brooks Robinson – ie, a complete run of #’s 1 to 459 – with most every card in a very desirable EX-MT or better condition. The duplicates include Munson (3; GD, VG, EX+), Clemente (8; GD to EX, with 5 oc) and Rose AS (2; VG, VG-EX), with the commons being in overall VG-EX to EX condition with only handful being lesser. - 1971: Approx. 600 OPC cards, including a very presentable partial set of 460 of 752, plus approx. 140 duplicates. Group includes a complete run of cards 1-264; 80% of cards 265-523, and no cards past 524. Stars include #5 Munson (EX to EX-MT), #100 Rose EX to EX-MT, mc) #250 Bench (EX) and #513 Ryan (2; PSA 6 & 7). Remainder of the partial set presents in overall EX or better condition, while the duplicates are generally VG to EX with only about 10% lesser. In addition, we have a generous sprinkling of cards (200+) from earlier years, including a 1959 Spahn (GD), 1964 Mantle (PR-FR), 1965 Aaron (GD), 1965 McCovey (GD), 1965 B. Robinson (PR-FR), 1965 F. Robinson (GD) and a 1972 Munson (VG-EX). Last but not least, about 100 high grade 60’s and 70’s Canadian football (OPC) have been included for good measure! Note that most of the cards in this lot are O-Pee-Chee (Canadian), which are listed in the SMR as ‘considered scarce in comparison to their Topps counterparts’. You be the judge on the investment and enjoyment value of this grand collection!

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