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Adolf Hitler Signed Letter

Adolf Hitler Signed Letter

Historic and chilling original German Army document signed on October 15, 1941 by “Der Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres” (Commander in Chief for the Supreme Command of the Army) Adolf Hitler at the “Fuhrerhauptquarteier”, his military headquarters. The document is especially significant for collectors and students of WWII and the Third Reich, as it came during the height of Hitler’s power after his barbaric “Blitzkrieg” occupations of Europe, Russia and North Africa and the ongoing bombing of London. The typed document - an “Interoffice Memo to Commanders Brief” - has the raised seal of the Third Reich on the lower left quadrant. Across the top it reads “In the Name of the German People!”, and goes on to reference two recently enacted regulations - or “Wermachtangehonger” -- dated January 20, 1941 and August 1, 1941 dealing with German officers looking for lost relative. Memo is directed to Colonel Kretzschmer, Commander of the infantry regiment. The Hitler signature in black ink is scrawled in small scripted letters, perhaps betraying the man’s insecurities, and is a prime example of the evil dictator’s marker that grades an 8/10. Document is 8 x 10” with the light tan sheet of paper a bit frayed along the top edge but has held up well and is VG w/one horizontal fold mark.

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