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Amazing WW II Wire Photographs (38)

Amazing WW II Wire Photographs (38)

Fabulous collection of images with original paper captions from this great conflict. All are magnificent images and include: famed image of man crying as the Nazis enter Paris, first image of the invasion of Poland, two classic images of Roosevelt/Churchill/Stalin from Potsdam, chilling image of children burning of books in Nazi Germany, FDR standing (!) to meet Churchill aboard USS Augusta, Ike raises arms in victory during ticker tape parade, Churchill and Joseph Kennedy, Dachau and Oswiecim Concentration Camps (2), and Japanese surrender to General Arnold & more. There are 16 Hitler images (stunning silver gelatin prints) including fascinating Degenerate Art Exhibition, bungled assassination attempt, doing his famous jig, pivotal famed meeting when he duped Neville Chamberlain, with Mussolini and more. Some related events are here like the Spanish Civil War, 1949 Stalin, and more. Strong EX+ overall.

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